Dr. Nykki

doctor wearing PPE
Family physician, parent,  photographer, writer, gamer, geek. Maker of beautiful things.

Opinions my own.

About this website…

Once upon a time in medical school I had a blog. When I graduated residency and moved to small-town Indiana, I gave it up; when you see your patients at soccer games, daycare pickups, and your local Big Box Store it becomes tricky to tell the kind of stories I was used to telling.


In between now and then I got a little older, had a few kids of my own (I learn so much from all three of them), and got even more involved with some people who are really passionate about family medicine and what it means. 


I do mostly-outpatient family medicine and obstetrics these days: I see patients in the clinic, round in the nursing homes, and catch babies whenever they decide to come out. I help in cesarean sections, do a little light office surgery, cover inpatient pediatrics and newborn rounds, and I love it all. 


But what I really love is the people. 


I am the privileged recipient of so many stories – birth and death, grief and triumph, fear and hope. I care for secrets and I carry tears. I hold hands, bear burdens, wipe tears, give hugs.


And I teach. Every single day, I answer questions, explain diagnoses, decipher reports, and debunk myths. I annotate sheaves of paper printouts, draw terrible diagrams of internal organs, and do my best to turn the knowledge in my head into something that’s understandable by the person in front of me – whatever that means. 

That’s what this blog is about, now. It’s about explaining the science my medical school training lets me understand – in a way that makes sense without needing to take a whole course in whatever-it-was.


Because knowledge is power. 

And if I can’t explain it, I didn’t really understand it to begin with.  


Dr. Nykki and Spouse